The Hotel Groups database is supplied both in Excel format and online ‘Blue Book’. It includes:

Over 690 Hotel Groups/Developers including full contact details, description of the activities of the Group and full listing of the hotels in the Group.

  • Chief Executive
  • Email Address
  • Resume of Group’s Activities
  • Listing of all hotels in the Group
  • Hotels Under Construction shown in red
  • A unique reference number enables monitoring of projects from start to completion
  • Turnover for the leading Groups


Viewable online and updated twice a month

Over 230 pages listing

Over 690 Hotel Groups with resume of their activities and listing of hotels in the Group

550+ cross-references revealing takeovers, liquidations, etc.

Look Inside – Click book to open in full page

Click to download sample Excel file – The following fields are included:

Group Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Number of Hotels
Number of Hotels Under Construction
Turnover for Major Groups
Resume of Group’s Activities
Web Address
CEO First Name
CEO Surname