GDPR Compliance


We have worked hard to ensure that all our data is GDPR compliant.

Our data is intended as a reference work giving a full insight into the UK Hotels Industry with ongoing updates via our Bulletin website to keep our customers abreast of current developments.

The information contained in the directory has been provided from our own research and by direct contact with the companies contained therein.  The data has not been checked against the email or telephone preference services or the Royal Mail PAF data, and the onus is upon the Purchaser to carry out checks as they may require.

We explain below the current guidelines with which we comply.  This will help to clarify some of the current legislation.

The act came into force on 25th May 2018.  It is primarily intended to increase data protection for individuals but it does have some impact on B2B (Business to Business) marketing:

It is still legal to include named individuals at UK Limited, LLP and PLC companies and organisations without their consent or  opt-in provided that the recipient is given the opportunity to opt-out.

The Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who will be policing the legislation state that:

“The rules do not apply to electronic marketing messages sent to ‘corporate subscribers’ which means companies and other corporate bodies e.g. limited liability partnerships, Scottish partnerships, and government bodies. The only requirement is that the sender must identify itself and provide contact details.”

This is confirmed in the copy of the ICO’s table (see below) under the Business to Business column.

Contact details in our database have been obtained either by details returned to us by the companies themselves in the full knowledge of where their details will be published, or comply with the current GDPR legislation as described above.  We always ensure that we are diligent in removing details if requested to do so.

This does not, however, absolve our customers from ensuring that, if using the data for marketing, they do so in a legal and acceptable manner and ensure that they offer the option to unsubscribe and that they also clearly identify themselves.  The rules also include a proviso that contact should only be made about products and services relevant to the employment role of the recipient.


GDPR Regulations

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